New Arrivals

Fine Round Rangoli

Designs This perfectly round rangoli is simple and yet it is an example of brilliant artistic skills. If you notice closely, the white lines in the rangoli are very fine. Attempt this only if you have seasoned hand at drawing fine lines or else, the aesthetics of this design will be lost.

Mirrored Rangoli

This rangoli is extremely simple, yet looks very classic. What you can see are concentric circles filled with different colours. The borders of the circles are lined with tiny round mirrors that is usually used in bandhani work

Floral Rangoli Or Pookalam

The floral rangoli or pookalam was traditionally used in Kerala. But it is a trend that has caught on now. This rangoli is done with shredded petals of flowers. Welcome Ugadi with the fresh fragrance of flowers.

Lotus Rangoli

This is a rangoli meant to cover large spaces, preferably your porch or balcony. The circular pattern has one highlight, the half open lotuses. You will need a lot of time and patience, but little skills to make a rangoli like this.