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Creation of Rangoli

Rangoli is made in two ways. Dry and wet. Both a generous and is created by adding other points. The rangoli made by adding points to the first white paint on the ground in a particular size are made certain point then shaking the points is a beautiful figure takes shape. After creating the desired shape, there are full color.In addition, the market has emerged as plastic shapes but also get points, which put him on the floor putting up paint beautiful shape emerging from the ground comes. Rangoli is the practice of making these items can be used. See some of which cast the flour or colored powder that can be filled. There are small holes per sample. Slightly off the floor as they collide at certain locations Zrta colors and beautiful piece becomes manifest. Using plastic to make rangoli are also Stencils. wet Rangoli rice water mixed up in it Peiskara crafted. The solution to the Pithaar called. Use this colorful turmeric is also used to make.

Colors of Rangoli

Rangoli is a very popular form art in India. It is usually drawn by Indian women in front of their doors or gates. Although the basic color of Rangoli is white (known as "chirodi'), it is dyed different colors creating an attractive, multi-colored design.