Foot Care

  • Rainy season is the best amongst all, but provided you know how to prevent foot infections during monsoon. Like the other parts our feet are also important and during rains special care needs to be taken. Feet are the most vulnerable part during monsoon since as soon as rains start first thing that gets dirty are our feet. Fungal infections occur mostly between your toes, hence this area needs special care.

    Check out two main things for how to prevent foot infections during monsoon:


    As soon as you come home wash your feet thoroughly. Washing them properly will ensure there is no dirt left on the feet. You may also use soap water if needed.

    After washing make sure that you dry your feet properly since moisture is the origin of all bacteria. Since moisture helps them grow.

    This is not at all a good season for keeping your nails long, specially toe nails. Cut them immediately since these are the main culprits for holding back all the dirt, and hence spreading infection.

    Apply anti-fungal powder without fail every day. This will prevent fungal growth.


    Washing footwear is also a must for future use. Hence when you use it next it will be clean. Also make sure you dry them properly.

    Wearing sandals will allow air to circulate and hence keeping your feet a bit fresh and odorless, in turn preventing foot infection.

    Most men wear shoes daily since they fit the best in formal dressing. But this can create problems like holding water for long durations in turn making our feet vulnerable to infections.

    Wearing cotton socks is best for this season and making them dry is very much important after coming back home from a rainy day.

    Taking care of your feet is very much important and I am sure these steps will be very much helpful for preventing foot infections. Let us know if you have any other tips…