• The Busy Man Diet Plan

    The first 5 days are the hardest, but you only have to be food-free for 16 hours. So if you’re clever, you’ll make 8 of those hours during the night as you sleep. Which means if you stop eating at 8pm. You can have your next meal midday the next day. Easy!

    Step 1

    Lower the amount of white carbs in your diet, and get Low-glycemic Carb foods like vegetables, sweet potato, quinoa etc.

    Taking on this high energy foods won’t spike your insulin levels as much, which is promoting less fat storage, and subsequently……..more fat burning.

    Step 2

    Choose your 16 hour fasting period.

    My eating window is between 2pm and 10pm, but i’m a night owl. So It’s a bit later. I suggest choosing an eating window that finishes 4 hours before you go to bed.

    So if you go to bed at midnight. Stop eating at 8pm. Then the next time you can have a meal is 12pm the next day. 16 hours of no food.

    Step 3

    Plan when you can take your meals during that 8 hour eating window.

    I eat a big meal to break my fast. (Break-fast .. that’s where the name comes from)

    The meal I have probably has about 800 calories in it. I eat sweet potato, salmon with philadelphia (Extra light) cheese smothered on top, and a side of spinach.

    It’s a healthy balanced meal suggestion that will fill you up for the next 4-5 hours, which makes it easier to not go crazy and binge during your 8-hour eating window.

    I’ve managed to lose over 50kg of fat since i’ve started this diet, and i’m pleased to be able to safely promote it to you. Knowing that if you follow the rules, you can turn that busy schedule into the best thing that’s ever happened to you.