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    The choices for summer footwear are practically endless, every need, want and desire is pretty much covered. Gone are the boots and the heavily laced footwear, it’s getting to that time of year where your feet need to breathe. Don’t forget to look after your feet and maintain their overall appearance, this will greatly increase the number of shoes, flip flops and sandals that you can choose from. Do you have a particularly favourite piece of footwear that you swear by for summer? Let us known by posting note in the comments box below.

    Boat Shoes

    Boat shoes a classic piece of men’s footwear that is normally year round product, but translates really well into spring and summer. Worn with trainer socks to avoid sweaty feet, these shoes look great as part of the preppytrend that has been seen all over the catwalk this season. Not really a shoe that works well on sandy beaches, but is perfect for everything else. Available in many different colours or styles, be daring and opt for a statement pair to complete any summer look. This is another excellent shoe to utilise if you aren’t keen on displaying your feet just yet.

    This type of footwear has been around for a while, and it looks like they are here to stay for a little while longer. The ease of a summer shoe is so important, and espadrilles are the easiest and comfiest to wear. With a feeling of summer easiness this kind of footwear is the go to choice for many gents who to go easy on their feet. Styles are simple and uncomplicated making it a really good pair of shoes to wear with any choice of summer outfit. Closed toe summer shoes are a good option if you aren’t quite ready to have your feet on full display. If you are a bit sensitive about your feet then an open shoe or sandal can be a daunting prospect.


    One of the most popular forms of summer footwear, sandals are part of the flip flop family but they are much easier to wear without the annoying toe thong that is featured on your standard flip flop. Traditionally speaking sandals aren’t associated with style, they evoke thoughts of granddads socks with sandals get up from holidays past. As long as you select an attractive pair of sandals, and avoid the mistake of a sock faux pas, then you simply cannot go wrong.

    Flip Flops

    These are the most basic and well known of the summer footwear group and the easiest option to just throw on and go. However these aren’t recommended for long time wear if you aren’t used to wearing them, first time wearers may find these a tad painful. These are best suited for casual wear, on the beach, in the garden, or wandering round the home on a hot summer’s day.

    With the ever cautious sunshine teasing us with the occasional appearance, it’s time to take a look at some of the footwear you should be wearing this spring/summer. With the majority of the focus aimed at the clothing, sometimes we may forget about what we have on our feet. In the Men’s spring survival guide article a few weeks back, we mentioned the importance of looking after and caring for your feet. We’re hoping you have been following this advice as very soon all your twinkle toes will be on full show for the world to see. The majority of summer footwear is taken up by sandals and flip flops, with the odd pair of espadrilles, or boat shoes being thrown in for good measure.

    This article takes a look at the different kinds of footwear available and whether or not they are right for you. With summer footwear it’s not just about how they look that is important, comfort plays a huge role in selecting our shoes when the temperature begins to rise