• Expect Changes

    During Pregnancy (Him too!)Besides the typical symptoms and changes in pregnancy, there are more changes than both mom and dad expect other than weird cravings. It seems weird, but the changes in pregnancy also occur for the man sometimes as well. Here are some changes you can expect during pregnancy.


    -->You become a softy: Emotions run high during pregnancy, and part of this is the nurturing traits of a motherly instinct. Pregnancy can actually make you a mush ball, so if you’re feeling emotional don’t watch a sappy chick flick.

    -->Ultimate overachiever: Somehow pregnancy makes you feel like you have to do a million at once, but it turns out you can dominate multi-tasking while you’re pregnant. One task leads to the other, and you can manage to organize you’re entire life.

    -->Enjoying the baby weight: After a while, you start to realize you’re getting bigger and there’s a baby cooking in the oven. Eventually you embrace the belly, and don’t feel guilty about the extra scoop of ice cream. Seems weird, but the men usually put on sympathy baby weight and will eat the ice cream with you.

    -->Love getting pampered: Get used to receiving the glass of water you asked for, and the pillow you need to put your feet up on. You’ll notice your husband is very attentive to your needs so don’t be surprised if he offers a foot rub while your feet are up. Take it all in.

    -->He’s your personal assistant: Husbands become very attentive and make a transition from “I’ll get to it after the game,” to “Can I get you anything?” Enjoy this while it lasts because it won’t stay much past birth because you’ll both be exhausted

    Even though there are some annoying changes and adjustments to make while pregnant, it’s an experience that you and your partner share together, so do your best to embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts.

    Rules of Exercise During Pregnancy


    There are many great benefits to continue exercising during pregnancy, however it’s important to be extra cautious with your approach to exercise. These rules apply to all pregnant women whether they are a regular exerciser or a regular couch potato.

    First and foremost, you must always consult with your physician before you continue with exercise. Your doctor will always know best when it comes to do what is right for you and your baby’s health. Also, exercise burns calories, so you will need to eat a little more to have enough energy for your exercise plan in addition to the extra calories for you baby.

    Next, avoid playing injury-prone sports or any activities where you could lose your balance and fall. These especially include, horseback riding, mountain biking, or snow sports. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing for all of your sport or exercise activities. Try to wear breathable fabrics and loose fitting style to prevent your body from becoming too hot, and causing any heat exhaustion conditions.

    Always, stretch at the beginning and end of every exercise session to protect your body from becoming injured. Additionally, you should always do a warm-up before beginning any advanced exercise activity in order to get your heart rate up slowly, and prepare your body. Follow it with a cool down at the end to safely bring your heart rate back down.

    Finally, it’s critical to drink water and stay hydrated throughout your exercise. Otherwise you could become dehydrated, and your body’s temperature could rise or overheat. It’s also important that you don’t overexert yourself exercising during pregnancy. Don’t push yourself to failure or exhaustion.

    When your doctor approves of an exercise regimen during pregnancy, you will get into a groove and know what feels right for you. When you find your comfort with exercise routine, try to make it a habit. It will not only benefit you, but also your baby.