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    There are ways to get exercise instead of taking the easy or convenient route: for example, riding your bike instead of driving the car. Recently, riding a bike has become all the hype because we’re focusing on being healthy, and minimizing our carbon footprint. But those aren’t the only benefits of riding a bike.

    Our lives revolve around transportation and how we get from point A to point B, but riding in a car is pretty mindless. When you hop on your bike to run errands, go to dinner, or shopping, you are experiencing the whole community and the world that surrounds you. You literally smell the roses!

    Alternative forms of transportation like the train, bus or car, we usually sit back and listen to an iPod playlist or read a book. When you rid your bike, there’s no leniency to zoning out and you’re completely in the moment the whole time. After some time, you start to appreciate the surroundings and senses you experience every day, which you wouldn’t get riding in a car or something.

    Next time you’re on your way to meet friends for happy hour, or running to the bank, try riding your bike instead. See how it goes from there. You may be surprised, and if your job is close enough you may start making the commute daily on your bike.