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    Working a nine-to-five desk job can become so monotonous, and sometimes it can be hard to break away from the office to get a bite to eat. It’s important to always make time for a good lunch, but what about the rest of the day? When you get puckish, the last thing you should do is head for the vending machines. Try to pack a healthy snack to keep you going.

    Edamame (soy beans) are an excellent source of protein as well as vitamin K. They’re the delicious treats that you nibble at sushi restaurants, but can also be roasted and eaten as a dry snack. Make yourself a serving size bag of roasted edamame for a savory snack to curb hunger.

    Granola is a hearty an healthy snack, but you have to be careful with this. Often packaged granolas contain a lot of added sugar, which means empty calories. Go for a granola where you can read all the ingredients, and avoid dried fruits made with sugar. Otherwise, you can make your own so you know exactly what’s in it.

    Cottage cheese is an amazing snack that satisfies hunger even in small portions. You can season cottage cheese with salt and pepper, or add fruit like strawberry. If you’re feeling hungrier than just a snack, you can dip hearty whole grain crackers in the cottage cheese for a perfectly balanced snack.

    Apple or celery with peanut butter: it’s an oldie but a goodie. The fruit and vegetable are essential to your daily diet, and both are packed with vitamins an minerals that are great for your diet. The peanut butter just adds a delicious flavor and provides a good source of protein to your snack.

    When you’re packing snacks for work, it’s important to remember to only pack a single serving. If you bring the whole bag, you’ll wind up sitting at your desk dipping back in the bag and before you know it, you ate the whole bag.