Fashion Life

  •      We all know fashion trends come and go. The desire to have the latest and greatest trends can get the best of our pocket books and closet space. There are ways to be fashionable as well as sensible. Stick to the basics with tops and bottoms and find fun accessories that will accent any outfit.

         A super cute summer trend is to wear a belt high on your waist. Simply purchase a black and silver or gold belt that fits your waist and mix and match it with different tops and bottoms. The belt can be worn with a fitted dress, slim or full skirt and even jeans and a fitted top. The belt adds a touch of fashion fun and adds trendy style to any basic outfit.

         Another current fashion trend is a large brim summer hat. Purchase a few hats in a variety of colors and use them to accessorize your summer look. A casual summer dress can take on a sophisticated look with the touch a hat! Earing can play an important roll in stepping it up a notch with hats too. A fashionable summer hat also offers protection from the sun. Who doesn’t want to look good while protecting their skin from sun damage?

         From wedges to flats, shoes make the outfit. More often than not, fashion statements are all wrapped up in a little package at the bottom of your feet. Whether you are going for fancy or casual, your look for the day all depends on your shoes. Anything with a heel will dress you up and anything flat will dress you down. It’s that simple. Having a variety of shoes offers your wardrobe a variety of styles. It’s not necessary to have the most expensive shoes, focus more on comfort and style rather than name brand.

         Less is more when it comes to tops and bottoms for each season. Have you ever noticed when you buy something trendy with a bold print it only gets worn once or twice and then sits in your closet collecting dust? When new trends come out, stick with solid colors and classic fits that won’t go out of style too fast. Once you have your basics, accessorize with belt, shoes, jewelry and even hats.

         Discover your inner fashion sense with mix and matching accessories and outfits. From shoes to hats have a little fashion fun creating your unique self without overfilling your closet and emptying your wallet.