The child is indeed father of the man.If Vivekananda as aman was striking and briliant,Vivekananda as a boy was delightfully promising,clearly showing early marks of future greatness.he was lovely and lordly too.The Proverb,"The growing plant reveals itself in the seeding' found its verification in him.Vivekananda was the name he took after he became a monk and preacher.His early name was Narendranath.

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'Narendra signifies a prince, and if there was one quality in him which made him unique it was princely majesty.He was born in CValcutta in the year 1863.The Datta family to which he belonged was a noble aristocratic family.The sublimity about Vivekananda was almost a family inheritance.Narendra's grandfather had turned monk after the birth of a son, abd so monhood was in the very blood of Narendra.His father,Vishwanantha Datta,was lawyer.

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His mother, Bhuvaneshwari Devi was a noble-minded lady of a pious disposition,and she belived that it was in answer to her payers to the Lord Siva that Narendra was born as her son.She was Narendra's first teacher.

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The child narendra was a dear darling.His companions were not all human.The cow,the monkey,the goat,the peacock,the pigeon,the guinea-pig -all enjoyed his friendship.This trait of befriending the dumb ones in creation was still with him even when he had become a world figure and was guiding a big organization.

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He was good at every game. Marbles, jumping ,running ,and even boxing delighted him.His inventive skill helped him to present new games to his playmates.He had histrionic talents and even organized an amateur theatrical company.He also conducted a gymnasium.He could do fencing,lati-play ,wrestling and rowing remarkably well.He entertained his friends with the magic lantern.He could cook well,and cooking and serving food were his delight to his last days.He was very good at music,and possessed a charming voice which in later days used to throw his master RamaKrishna,into rapture.This was not strange in one who was to say later on,"You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through a study of the Gita.You will understand the Gita better with your biceps,your muscles,a little stronger."


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If physically Narendra was so full of life and vigour,intellectually he was alert and compelling of recognition.The full grace of the goddess of learning was on him at all times,and at the intelectual level

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He was far above those of his age and even his seniors. Like many an Indian child he heard the stories of the two Indian child he heard the stories of the two Indian epics from his mother's lips.She also taught him his first Bengali and English.At six he was put to school.He made quick progress in mastering the three R's.He was endowed wth a powerful memory ,and got by heart long passages with utter ease.He was quite the leader of his group of boys.He had high mechanical skill and delighted in making toy machines and engines.He had an extra-ordinary mind out of all proportion to his physical age.

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Once during a class lesson the teacher found Narendra and a few other pupils not attending to the teaching.He put them a fwe questions.None of the other pupils could answer them.Only Narendra gave the righjt answers.The teacher learnt on enquiry that it was Narendra that had done all the talking, the others had only listened and lost the lesson.Then came the punishment.Those who had not answered the questions had to stand.But Narendra insisted on standing up too.His sense of preopriety would not allow hi to sit.He was the arch-offender and would not go unpunished.

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When at the school Narendra was first taught English he was quite unwilling to learn that alien tongue.But both teachers and parents insisted on his learning it and he had to yield.This fact is interesting,because later on Vivekanandha was to impress everybody with his astonishing mastery of English.

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Though Narendra was full of play and sport he was not only play and sport,If his body was agile and active,his mind was no less so.In his teens he did a lot of studying and thinking.His learned father acted as a spur to his intellect.Narendra's field of studies was a wide one.His studies were not confined to the small curriculum of the school.Even before he entered into the college he knew much.He was an ardent reader of classical works on history.Literature,both English and Bengali,delighted him.At college no one else read as much or as understandingly as he did.Logic and philosophy were his favourite subjects.