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    For many, the dining room is the heart of the home. It is where the family converges, meals are shared, conversations flow and spirits are kindled. Therefore it is very important that the dining room be both functional and alluring. We’ve found some exceptionally inspiring examples from Hourzz.

    The first dining table is built into the custom island, which gives a casual, relaxed feel. The space is good for small, intimate gatherings where the chef and guests hang out in the kitchen.

    In keeping with the centered positioning of the island, this design features a raised-panel dining table with benches for seating. The overall construct is elegant and chic, while the benches help to retain an outdoorsy feel.

    The third example is a diner-inspired table setting beautifully carved into the corner of a very small space. What do you know? Lack of resources has inspired great creativity.

    The fourth arrangement strikes a balance between restaurant seating and the traditional dining table. The long bench positioned next to the wall helps to economize on space, at the same time opening a great view into the backyard.

    Last but not least, a conventional long dining table is positioned in a nicely converted attic. The space was photographed after sun down as it is intended for minimum sunlight (small windows) and soft incandescent lighting.