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    Working out in the gym is ideal for some but what’s the best way to prepare you for a strenuous outdoor walk? Personal trainer Anne-Marie Lategan has six moves to get you walking fit.

    Being outdoors is a great way to get fit and burn calories. It is rewarding and can lead to a feeling of wellbeing. It also offers variety and makes you less likely to look at your watch while you’re doing it. With over 13 500 walks across England, you are bound to find a walk that will suit your taste and fitness level.

    Plan your walk in advance and ensure that everyone in your walking group is fit enough to do the walk. If you think that you can walk 30 miles a day, then go for a 20- mile walk. Adding a backpack with food and water, the weather and the terrain will make it much harder and burn a lot more calories, draining your energy.

    This is one reason why it’s important to be prepared and have the strength and stamina needed to keep going, especially when tough weather conditions strike. By strengthening your body, you will also reduce your risk of injury and help prevent stiffness afterwards. Walking not only uses your leg muscles but also your upper body, back, stomach and core. The exercises here will strengthen your whole body ensuring an enjoyable walk. Depending on the amount of walking you plan to do, try to complete these exercises at least four times per week for eight weeks, leading to your walk. How effective is walking?

    Just look at the calories it can burn here, for guidelines on how effective it is for getting rid of those calories!

    Activity Calorie Usage Calorie Usage Without Backpack With 30lb Backpack

    Cross-country hiking 463cal/hour 545 cal/hour Walking at 4.5 miles/hour 486cal/hour 572 cal/hour