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    Stop Trying to be Being Perfect

    It’s hard to take your focus off of being the perfect wife, finding the perfect job, raising the perfect family, and living a perfect life. You have to ask yourself if that “perfection” is really going to make you happy, or will you ever really be happy? Being “perfect” likely won’t make you happy. It’s not to say you should set the bar lower, but you can be empowered by making decisions based on satisfaction rather than perfection.

    Women who strive for excellence, and don’t accept anything less than success, are actually risking success altogether. When you focus so much on minor details and perfecting everything, there’s a lack of risk. It’s very well known that those who take the biggest risks find big success

    Another positive change to stop being perfect is the difference in a positive mind and attitude. For most people who are their biggest critics, usually focus on the negative things to make them “perfect,” and miss out or don’t have time to appreciate the positive things. It’s true that sometimes flaws aren’t always bad or signs of weakness.

    Don’t dwell on mistakes or failures as if they have defined you. Instead, seek the “silver lining” or try to see how that mistake taught you something positive. It’s impossible to live a life mistake free, and if we don’t learn from or appreciate them then it makes it hard to persevere and move forward to positive things. .

    The biggest step to avoid misery striving for a perfect life is to stop comparing yourself to others. That means to stop comparing yourself to other colleagues, other mothers, other wifes, etc. Their goals and dreams are not yours. Therefore, you should be striving for your own foals and dreams, rather than comparing your life to theirs as it happens.

    It’s likely you’ll find yourself in a much happier place on a day-to-day basis, if you consciously discontinue trying to be perfect. Taking these steps empowers personal growth and to live a more fulfilling life. By changing this mindset, your mind will find a creative place that may actually discover your perfect dream.