Metalic Eye

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    An evolving summer beauty trend is glammed up metallic eye makeup. The look can be seen on many Hollywood stars, and it’s really easy to get the look. So add some sizzle to summer with fun metallic shades.

    Lighten up your eyes with a metallic chrome color. Apply a silver, pearl, or platinum shadow on the inner corner of your eye for effortlessly elegant makeup. In addition to elegance, this metallic detail can really open up the eyes and make them appear brighter.

    Have no fear of metallic color. Rather than the traditional, and very popular smoky eye, change up your eye makeup with a metallic color such as a deep purple or green. The color will really stand out and gives a very sexy appearance.

    Shine is brilliant navy shades. Navy seems so 90s, but thanks to Princess Kate, it is totally back on trend. From pumps, to pants, and now eye shadow. Find a beautiful iridescent navy, and use that rather than the typical grays or black shadows you use. You can pair the navy with a shimmering light gray, but navy is nice for a change and very chic.

    Try a smoky eye in bronze rather than the gray stormy eye makeup. Bronze is a lot more summer than the dark winter smoky eye. The bronze eye makeup with compliment your sun kissed glowing skin, and will look much more natural and fresh.

    This summer, try to come out of your shell a little bit and try some new metallic shades on your eyes. It may be out of your comfort zone, but may try one of these ideas and see how you like it.