Toxic People

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    Detect and Delete Toxic People in Your Life ,When you’re younger or in college, it’s not hard to identify the freeloaders, moochers, and boyfriend stealers that are toxic in your life. Once you’ve settled down and you start a family, it becomes harder to pinpoint new people that could be toxic energy. How can you tell? There are some people with traits of toxicity you can keep your eye out for, and know how to handle them.

    You’ve found a new couple to double date with, and it starts to get really awkward when she starts bickering and nagging out loud, and her husband starts rolling his eyes and mumbling under his breath. This is never a pleasant couple to be around for more than ten seconds. First give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re not always like that. Change the subject to a current event, and if they go back to bickering head for the hills. Chances are you don’t want to hang out with them ever again anyway.

    It’s great for couples to join a co-ed recreational sports team like softball or volleyball, because a little healthy competition is good for everyone. However, competition is toxic when you come across the “1-Up-er” who always has to 1-up everything you say to make them feel or look better than you. She can boast about expensive gifts, luxury vacations, and their wild sex life, but do not participate in this game. This feeds negativity into your life and everything is a competition about who is better. It’s likely theirs is actually something missing that they’re overcompensating for with material things and exaggerated stories. Delete these people or save their number as “Do not answer” on your phones.

    You double date with a married friend, but it turns out her spouse, Mr. Married, is a flirt. Not just a flirt, but excessively flirtatious with you, who is also married. This can make for some really awkward energy or tension in a room depending on how aggressive the flirtation is. It may be hard to cut them out of your life if she’s one of your good friends. In the future, just pay attention if drinks are flying and he makes his way over; let your guy know you’re ready to head home.

    Chances are you weren’t the first or the last of your closest gal pals to get married and settle down. There is always at least one single girlfriend that makes it a problem that she’s still single. Usually it leads to whining that makes it sound like a disease that there isn’t a cure for, and they hate to hear “you’ll find someone soon.” Change the subject or ensure her that’s she amazing and some guy will be lucky enough to be hers one day.